Why I needed to become a 
Food & Body Relationship Coach

My “why” is being the person I needed when I was younger. All through adolescence, I was lost in a lack of self-acceptance and not knowing who I was. In high school and college, I became fixated on my body and believing that I needed to look a certain way in order to be “acceptable”, loved, and worthy of success.


Later, in my 20's, my interest in physical health lead me to an increasingly paralyzing fixation on healthy / “clean” eating and believing that my body needed to be a certain weight in order to qualify as “healthy”. My world was shrinking as I attempted to uphold higher & higher standards of health: I skipped family dinners, social events, and missed out on a lot of yummy food in order to eat "clean". But still, I would obsess over elaborate meals, and especially desserts - I'd try to make clean versions of them to satisfy my sweet tooth. I was chasing the end of the rainbow in the name of health, while missing out on life.

Now in my 30's, I have been able to heal my relationship with food & body, and  I focus on a more holistic view of health: one that accounts for social, mental, physical and spiritual health. It has been very freeing to loosen the reigns on food and body, and ironically it's done a better job of managing my intake and my weight than micromanaging my food ever was. 

I now have more time, money and mental energy to work on things that mean a lot to me. As great as it is to eat the foods I love with zero guilt or tracking, and never worrying about getting on a scale or whether clothes will fit, it is even more rewarding to accept myself exactly as I am, understand and work with my emotions, and experience moments of pure joy as a part of every day life. 


Because telling people to just “eat healthier”, “exercise more” or “lose weight” is a gross misunderstanding of what makes someone healthy and does little to help them live their best life.

*The words and images on this website, and any linked content are not intended as medical advice. If you are experiencing disordered eating or any other medical condition, please contact your physician. 

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