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Dieting is bullshit. There is a piece of me that always knew this. But, given the culture we live in, the businesses capitalizing on our insecurities, naturally thin people all over the media (save for a token fat person thrown in for “size diversity”), near constant talk of body shame & dieting all around us, and doctors prescribing weight loss as a supposed cure for *all that ails us*… it’s no surprise that it takes massive amounts of courage, faith, and maybe disgust with the powers exploiting us, in order to decide that it’s time to be done with dieting once & for all.  


When you decide to walk away from dieting, it’s a lot like leaving an abusive relationship. You need to develop a new sense of identity that has little-or-nothing to do with the size of your body. You decide to treat your body with the respect it’s always deserved, and you learn to rediscover and act from your own unique interpretation of what it means to care for yourself. 


You also discover a whole heck of a lot of time, money & energy formerly consumed by attempts to manipulate your body: time you can now spend with people you love, doing activities simply because you enjoy them, starting a new project or rediscovering forgotten dreams. 


No matter your reason for wanting to lose weight – appearance, clothing size, overall health, or a specific health condition – the evidence is clear: there is no method by which to lose weight & keep it off long-term. There is also very little evidence (if any!) to support the claim that weight loss, in itself, is responsible for improvements in measurable health risks (blood sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure, or overall risk of death). 


Does this mean you should give up and eat like an unsupervised teenager? 


No. What means is focusing on weight loss unto itself is not just unhelpful, but downright harmful. It means that following diet plans is not as helpful as following our own internal cues about what, when & how much to eat. And it means we have a lot of work to do to weed out any and all diet-culture beliefs we’re carrying around (don’t eat late at night, no snacking, no processed carbs, low-calorie / low-fat frankenfoods, denial & substitution of cravings, calorie or metabolism-centric exercise beliefs, etc).


Many people who begin on the Intuitive Eating path often worry, “Will I gain weight?” Through their journey of learning to honor and trust their bodies, this often transforms once they realize that they can, in fact, eat exactly what they want and eat until satisfied without it spelling disaster. As clients really begin to master Intuitive Eating, they inevitably find that the freedom to eat as they please, while enjoying a newfound balance in the rest of their lives far exceeds the sense of peace and confidence they previously thought possible.


And ironically, they are so busy enjoying life and respect themselves as the people they are, that they no longer give a flying hoot about what size pants they happen to find comfortable to wear.


The clarity, confidence & peace of mind marketed to us by diet culture is ironically achieved once any care or concern about body weight / size is completely released.

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